Our DannyBoy!

Posted by Kutt Fornebu on 18. May 2015

Hey ya'll! This your boy "Al", presenting to you guys, one of my co-workers!

So I have been here at KUTT for about five mounths-ish. And I really do like working here, every one gets along, we laugh, talk and have A blast working together!
Ofc. everyone I work with should be mentioned in a blog soon, so I guess I'll start with our one and only " started from the bottom, now he's here, Straight from St. Haugen!
Ladies love him, even tho he already have the love of his life. Old ladies give him cockies because his so nice to everyone" ( me and him we are straight up hood-homies )
" DannyBoy"!!! *Sound effect: clap, clap, clap.*

Here's Dannyboy, in Action with some Clean shaving! :)

*Al* // KUTT Fornebu

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