Isabell Delmann

Isabell Delmann



Isabell. Aka, Juicy Lucy.

Juicy started here journey on Adam & Eva hairdresser school in August 2012.

Her apprenticeship took her ”here and there and everywhere” before she landed at Kutt and settled down just in time to get to grips with the all important final exam.

She passed with flying colors and today she stands out as a highly skilled stylist and a great resource to the salon. 

Beeng the restless person she is Juicy Lucy did not settle with that. Seekeng newn challenges, she started work as a teacher at the Adam and Eva school of hairdressing so that she could share here skills inspiration and passion with a new generation of hairdressers.

Isabell says:

“You will always feel safe in my chair and together we´ll get the result you wish for, plus I’m a people person so a good conversation is a must.”

“I have a passion for beauty. I love to make my clients feel great about themselves.”

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