Allen. Aka AL. Aka. The Kid.

The Kid´s our new talent. After he started working in our shop, he quickly became an invaluable asset to all his colleagues.

We think he is awesome!

He attended Adam og Eva´s school from August 2014 and started he´s apprenticeship at Kutt Fornebu in January 2015.

Allen is a pretty hardworking guy. Besides being hard working he´s relaxed and easy going, never spending too much time thinking about things that can´t be thought trough…

This laid back personality, makes him a service minded professional, and easy to be around.

Allen says:

“Smile to the world and the world smile`s back. Good karma is my thing. I behave towards others as I want others to behave towards me.”

“I’m pretty new to hairdressing, but no stress, I have learned from the best. I work with very skilled people, so a helping hand and inspiration is never far off."

To book an appointment at Allen - Call us at 67 20 66 36!


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